About us

Ventilation products from the HVAC industry are our business. From establishment of the company in 2012 on we are continuously optimizing our product assortment. MOKK-VENT (V)ventilation products are dedicated to provide high indoor air quality of residential buildings, medium to large industrial and office buildings such as skyscrapers and hospitals. With close cooperation to our customers, we are trying to increase people’s well-being and to protect life and the environment. We created the most customizable air ventilation products with best technical support MOKK-VENT:

?Air distribution and air regulation elements:
✔Ventilating and protective grilles
✔Swirl ceiling diffusers
✔Air displacement units
✔Electronic air flow rate and air pressure controllers
✔Mechanical flow rate controllers
✔Supply / exhaust air towers ….

?Hepa filter units:
✔Ceiling HEPA filter units
✔Wall HEPA filter units
✔Operating theatre ceilings
✔Duct HEPA filter units
✔Fluff separators

?Floor convectors

TRGO-MOKK also represents an established European manufacturer of fire-resistant solutions for compartmentation and smoke evacuation RF-Technologies in the Slovenia, Croatia, Western Balkan Countries and the Caucasus market.

We serve our customers across a range of markets. Our specialty is our flexibility and that is shown in our development approach of our ventilation products. That means that we can develop or customize products according to customer requirements. We can also support customers with OEM partnership for series production or customer specific, customized solutions.

Teamwork and focus on customer satisfaction is the source of our strength and guides us on our business journey.

Grow your business with us. Contact us when you need good technical support, flexibility and responsiveness to your demands.

For more information e-mail us at info@trgo-mokk.si, call us at + 386 51 674 130 (Melita); +386 51 246 060 (Marjan) or DM us here.

Company information

Company name: TRGO-MOKK d.o.o.
Company head office: Godovič 7, 5275 Godovič
Phone: +386 51 246 060 ; +386 51 674 130 ; +386 5 7770 373
Website: www.trgo-mokk.si
Email: info@trgo-mokk.si
Managing director: Marjan Brenčič
Bussines activity: Intermediation and commerce
Entered in register: District Court in Nova Gorica
Registration number: 6119514000
Tax number (VAT): SI 67799108
Account number: Nova KBM d.d.: SI56 0475 2000 3480 119

Marjan Brenčič
Phone: +386 51 246 060
Email: marjan@trgo-mokk.si

Melita Menard
Phone: +386 51 674 130
Email: melita@trgo-mokk.si