Fire dampers CU2/B

Fire dampers are installed in ventilation ducts passing through a construction element in order to stop the propagation of fire. The battery assembly is the ideal solution for installations with large dimensions.
Suitable for mounting with axis horizontally.

Fire damper consists of:

  • Casing made of refractory material
  • Damper blade
  • Operating mechanism
  • Cold sealing
  • Intumescent strip
  • Connection flange


  • BFLT or BFNT – Belimo spring-return actuator with thermo-electric fuse
  • ONE T FDCU – RFT spring-return actuator with fusible link
  • CFTH – simple operating mechanism with fusible link


  • FCU – end of range switches
  • FCU+DCU – end and beginning of range switches
  • UL – inspection shutter


  • In rigid wall


  • Fire resistance up to 120 minutes
  • Certified according to EN 15650:2010, BCCA with identification number 0749
    • BC1-606-0464-15650.03-0464
  • Tested according to EN 1366-2 at 300Pa and 500Pa
  • Classifications according to EN 13501-3
  • Air tightness according to EN 1751 class B


  • BFLT or BFNT – all combinations of dimensions
  • ONE T FDCU – all combinations of dimensions
  • CFTH – Bn+Hn smaller or equal to 2000 mm

The battery assembly is especially designed for dimensions up to
2450 x 1650 mm.