Fire resistant collars MG2A

DESCRIPTION: When combustible pipes burn away, openings appear in the floor or walls through which fire can spread. Fire resistant collars prevent propagation of fire by expanding through heat, thus closing off the openings and making them fire resistant. CONSTRUCTION: Fire resistant collar consists of:

  • Steel housing
  • Intumescent strip
  • Wall anchors


  • For PVC pipes
  • For ABS pipes
  • For HDPE pipes


  • In rigid wall (U/C, C/C)
  • In rigid floor (U/C, C/C)
  • in flexible wall (U/C, C/C)


  • Fire resistance up to 180 minutes
  • Declared performance according to ETAG N° 026-2

ETA 16/0041; UBAtc asbl; BCCA with identification number 0749; BC1-262-464-026-2.01-2517

  • Tested according to EN 1366-3
  • Classifications according to EN 13501-2